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Nicki Minaj is looking better than ever after reportedly losing 15 pounds.

Nicki was always a thick chick. But over the last year, she put on a little extra weight - that many Twitter users say - pushed her into borderline BBW territory.

MTO News spoke to one of Nicki's former stylists who explained exactly what happened. He told us, "[Nicki] is a tiny woman, so every pound she puts on can be seen. She put on about 15 pounds, and you can see every last one of them."

And while 15 pounds didn't make Nicki fat, it was noticeable on her. Here's how Nicki looked a few months ago, when she was at her heaviest:


But that was then.

Nicki's been dieting for the past couple of months, and it's working. Now, we're told, she's back to her natural weight - after losing that extra 15 pounds.

And she's showing off her hot new body too.

Here are the images of the new and improved Nicki, that she posted online yesterday:

Nicki made her triumphant return to social media Thursday (Jan. 30) after going without a post since Nov. 9. The IG activity comes on the heels of Minaj's first public appearance of 2020 alongside her hubby Kenneth "Zoo" Petty earlier this week. 

With the Super Bowl taking place in Miami this weekend, Minaj and Petty paid a visit to Mr. Jones nightclub in the 305.

Nicki's last public appearance came back in December at Billboard's Women in Music event, where she was honored with the inaugural Game Changer Award. Minaj opted for no caption on her social media posts, as she rocked a sleek gray bodysuit for the solo shots.