Nicki Minaj Just CONFIRMED . . . That She's Dating 'FUTURE' With The 10 BABY MAMAS!!

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MTO News has confirmed that Future and Nicki are dating - it's official. And we come bearing RECEIPTS for our reporting too.

Nicki posted a video last night on social media where she was opening up a present from her new boyfriend. Nicki made a BIG DEAL out of getting a Chanel bag from her bae. But she would't say who her new man was.

Here are images and video that she posted:


Well we did a bit of research and caught the same box over on Future's LIVE. He clearly is the person who bought Nicki the purse. Look:


If Nicki and Future decide to take their relationship public, Nicki will have to deal with A LOT of baby's mamas. Especially with Future already having one kid ON THE WAY with Bow Wow's ex Joie. It also seems that Nicki has recently gotten upgraded from JUMPOFF to main chick a few weeks ago we reported that:

According to one of Nicki's former friends Katt Stacks, Nicki and Future have been carrying on a "jumpoff" type relationship. Future has a bunch of "main" chick's including his babys mother Brittany and Bow Wow's babys moms Joie. And Nicki was just a JUMPOFF.

MTO News also reported recently that a SOURCE close to Nicki said the following:

We spoke with one of Nicki's female friends, and she CONFIRMED that Nicki and Future are seeing each other. The insider explained, "Nicki is a BOSS so she can't date any old n***a. Her and Future have been kicking it for months."

The insider told MTO News that there was always some attraction between the two, but it really heated up - when the two began recording together a few weeks ago, The tipster added, "Future is all over Nicki's new album. You'll see when it comes out."