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Nicki Minaj is trying to sabotage the career of female rapper Megan Thee Stallion, according  to fellow rapper Azalea Banks.

Megan and Nicki have been looking like BFFs - all over social media. The two ladies are featured on Megan's new song Hot Girl Summer - and Nicki will appear in the song's video.

But Nicki is up to no good, according to Azalea Banks. Azalea took to Instagram last night, to expose Nicki's alleged sabotage.

Azalea claims that Nicki got the new hottest female rapper drunk on Instagram Live - to make Megan look "crazy" to her fans. She called Nicki's motives against Megan "evil."

Azalea also claims that Nicki was high on cocaine during the video.

She ended the mini rant, saying that Nicki was up to "evil Sagittarius sh*t."

Here's Azalea's claims:


And here is the video that Azalea says - shows Nicki "sabotaging" her new BFF Megan: