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Nicki Minaj is reportedly pregnant - at least that's what she wants her fans to think.

The “Yikes” rapper posted a video clip of herself on a private jet heading to Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival this week. 

Nicki was on the plane with her new husband, entertainment executive Kenneth Petty - and the two seemed to be enjoying each other’s company on her private jet. But then, the short clip becomes interesting. Kenneth is seen rubbing Nicki's belly - as if she's pregnant.

As you can imagine, Nicki fans - the Barbs - flew into a frenzy. Many flooded Nicki's Twitter feed with questions, but Nicki never answered any of their questions directly.

Girl are you pregnant or not?” one fan asked. Nicki responded saying, “Why I feel like I’m about to get a beating? Y’all swear y’all my mother chile. I’m pregnant with so many ideas for this album. It’ll be my best.”

Here's the video:

"u pregnant sis? thats what u celebrating???" one fan wrote on the celebration post while another simply asked, "Pregnant????" Well, her fans are at it again and this time, the Internet is lighting up because it thinks she has confirmed she's expecting her first child. In the newest video, the brunette beauty is seen wearing a tight multi-colored dress while sitting on the private jet. Panning the camera to her belly, which appears flat still, her followers watched as Kenneth Petty began rubbing it gently while saying, "We're in Trinidad with your dad."