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Nicki Minaj Is Now SHAPED Just Like LIL KIM . . . It's Like She's . . . MORPHING INTO HER!!!


Nicki Minaj has been copying Lil Kim for most of her career. Up until now, she was copying Nicki's swag and her looks. Now after YEARS of copying Kim, Nicki seems to be morphing into her idol.

New pics showed Nicki Minaj leaving her NYC hotel last night, wearing a leotard. And if you didn't look carefully - you might have thought it was Lil Kim.

The two, from the neck down, now appear to have the same shape. Luckily Nicki hasn't hacked up her face with bad plastic surgery.

Hopefully she doesn't copy Lil Kim's facial surgeries in the future . . . 


Nicki and Kim have had a LONG history of BEEF. . . Both women admit they first met backstage at a Lil Wayne concert, but both tell the story differently. Nicki says that she asked Kim if everything was cool with them, but Kim responded; "Picture somebody saying to me, 'We good?' I'll ring her throat, snatch her larynx out."

The ladies have also been featured on a Birdman track a while ago and Kim said:

Lil Kim claimed that when she agreed to feature on the track, she had no idea that Nicki would be on it too. In spite of that Kim said she was cool with it, later claiming it would "be good for women," she did however take the opportunity to spit the lyric: "Never be another me/What, you out your mind?" on the track.