Nicki Minaj Is CAUGHT Copying Lil Kim Again . . . This Is Just SO DISRESPECTFUL!!!

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Nicki Minaj announced that tomorrow she'd be releasing a new single - called CHUN LI. And she released some album artwork for the pic.

Unfortunately, the artwork was a clear COPY of an old Lil Kim photo shoot. Dang, these female rappers today have ZERO originality.

People wouldn't mind if Nicki Minaj would just respectfully pay homage to Kim, but she will just not give the Queen Bee her props and even engaged in a rap beef with her early on in her career.

But fans of Lil Kim have noticed the similarities and are going hard at Nicki on social media:

"We been knew. Nicki Minaj living up to her Lil Kim clone name. "

"That Chun Li cover is almost an exact copy of a Lil Kim photo shot."

"Lil Kim looks like something, Nicki Minaj looks like the clown she always been 💯...... lol there i said it now i don’t wanna see this mf pic no more ❕❕"

"How does Nicki Minaj not f*ck with Lil Kim but still references her old photos and style for cover art? 🤔 "

Ugh. The photoshoots are very similar. That's undeniable. But we wish these rap queens would get over this beef and put out a song together. It's been far too long.