Nicki Minaj Has WARDROBE ACCIDENT . .. Exposes BREASTS At Concert!! (Video)

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Nicki Minaj exposed herself - to thousands of fans - at last night's Made In America concert. She was dancing on set, when all of a sudden her breasts popped out. 

But Nicki didn't seem the slightest bit embarrassed. She just popped her things back into her dress, and kept the concert going. We managed to track down an uncensored video, and it shows everything.

Nicki removes her hair from in front of her and we assume she didnt realize that her enormous breasts had popped out of her very tight costume. She forces them back in her top and continues performing. 

It's almost as if she didn't feel it. But honestly, with breasts that large how could she not feel the air hitting them? 

Nicki Minaj's festival gig comes after it was announced the North American leg of her NICKIHNDRXX tour with Future was cancelled. The official word is that there were "scheduling conflicts." But word is that Future and Nicki had "personality conflicts" that caused them to postpone the start of the tour. They were "dating" for a little while earlier this year so perhaps their relationship soured? People have also been saying that POOR ticket sales accounted for the "postponed" tour. 

Is it possible that people will still be listening to "Queen" come next May? Are you guys even still listening to "Queen" today? Did you listen to "Queen" at all?

Here is the video, warning it is graphic: