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Nicki Minaj Has GONE CRAZY . . . Fires SHOTS . . . At Kylie's DAUGHTER STORMI!!


Nicki Minaj has sunk to a new low - she's blaming the FLOP pop her new album Queen - on Kylie Jenner's six month old baby daughter Stormi.

Earlier this week Nicki Minaj told her fans that  Kylie Jenner and her six-month-old daughter Stormi Webster we're "cheating" by helping Travis Scott finesse his way to the no.1 spot on the Billboard chart.

Nicki ordered her fans to GO HARD for her - and they started making very INAPPROPRIATE comments towards Travis and Kylie's 6 month old child. The fans believed that Nicki was giving them a "green light" to go hard on the baby.

But things quickly got out of hand, and Nicki had to take to the radio, to ask her fans to back off. She went on Queen Radio, and Nicki explained,

"I fucking love Kylie and that’s not going to change. She has been put in a little awkward situation, but this isn’t real life -- this is entertainment. I love Kylie and so do my fans. Kim was on my first Queen Radio show. I fucking love her, so we’re not going to do that. It’s obvious she’s got to ride with her man -- why the fuck wouldn’t she?"

"We’re not going to make this something this is not. She's a dope girl and we’re not going to start any catfights. This is strictly about music.

She has nothing to do with this. She supported her man, as she should. My fans and I aren’t feeding into this. We love Kylie."