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Nicki Minaj unveiled her brand new body yesterday at her London concert - and gadzooks she's thick.

The UK fans were stunned at how thick and curvy Nicki has become. She's always been curvaceous, but now her body looks very extreme.

According to social media reports, Nicki underwent a Brazilian fat transfer surgery last month. The surgery liposuctioned fat from her stomach area, and implanted it in her buttocks.

And Nicki's butt had plenty of fat BEFORE the procedure.

Here's her new body:

While most fans at the UK concert loved Nicki Minaj's new look, and her performances - not everyone was a fan.

Guardian journalist Al Horner said the following about Nicki's show last night:

After a blistering first 15 minutes that peaks with fiery female masturbation anthem Feeling Myself, things starts to sag as her neon-pink, chameleonic hip-pop gives way to lengthy sections devoted to ballads like Grand Piano, mimed from behind a veil, and EDM experiments such as Pound the Alarm.

When she does interact with the crowd, it is to share Mary Poppins-like impressions of Londoners, enquire about which men present have “a giant dick”, and fire subtle barbs at a certain Bronx-born nemesis (“Any of you know someone who copies everything you do all the time?”). At her best, hits such as Anaconda fizz like popping candy, delivered while she is slouched on the ground with a wild-eyed grin like Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat by way of Cleopatra. But by the time she closes with 2011’s Super Bass to a depleting room (she went on stage an hour late, and last trains beckon), the sugar rush has long since faded.