Nicki has blocked Meek Mill on social media, according to Meek himself.

During Sunday's #AskMeek session on Instagram, a fan asked the following question:

"@MeekMill how you feel about Nicki new dude ? Lame weirdo right ?! lol #AskMEEK"

To which Meek responded:

"I don’t feel nothing ... and I don’t know that man to judge him ... I went to check him out on her page and found out I was blocked 🥴🥴🥴"


Fans then clowned him on the post, hitting him with lyrics from her track "Barbie Dreams" in which she rapped that Meek was still in her DMs. Some even posted images of Nicki and Kenneth "Zoo" Petty together.

To us, it just seems like natural curiosity to want to take a look at the dude who has caused so much controversy for Nicki with his colorful past. It's not like anyone's out here praying for an Omeeka reunion - they both make better music apart.