Nicki Minaj Goes On RANT AGAINST CARDI . . . Calls Her 'SICK AND MISERABLE'!!!

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Nicki Minaj believes that Cardi B is a "sick and miserable" person who spends all her time trying to "sabotage" and hurt their peers. The "Queen" of rap launched a tirade yesterday on Twitter against her rival Cardi.

The rant came just one day after New York police announced that they were looking into Cardi's actions surrounding a strip club brawl. Police are investigating whether any crime took place in the near riot that occurred last week at a NYC strip club, and whether Cardi should be charged with anything.

Nicki may know something that we don't because she suspects that Cardi's career will soon come crashing down. In the same rant Nicki said, "One day, [she]'ll have to face the music."

And MTO News confirmed that Nicki's rant WAS about Cardi. We spoke with one of Nicki's close friends who told us that the Nicki's tweets were "absolutely" about Cardi.

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Just a few days ago MTO News reported that Nicki BLOCKED Cardi on all platforms. You can read the full story here but here's some tea from that in the meantime: 

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj's feud is heating up. MTO News learned that Nicki Minaj has BLOCKED Cardi B - from all social media after Cardi "threatened" her. According to someone close to Nicki, the Queen Of Rap blocked Cardi B a few weeks ago, after Cardi made THREATS to Nicki in her DMs.

Nicki's friend told MTO News, "Cardi likes to talk tough in the DMs. Nicki wasn't afraid or anything. Just didn't want to have that bird [Cardi] in her DMs."

It's not clear what the "threat" made by Cardi was. But we have evidence that Nicki DID block Cardi. And it came from Cardi herself.