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Nicki Minaj GOES OFF . . . After Reality Star DJ Disses Her. .. . When She REFUSES A HUG!!!


Nicki Minaj went OFF yesterday, on NY DJ and reality star DJ Self. The incident happened after Nicki showed up at radio station Power 105 to do promos for her new album.

Nicki did what seemed like a very POSITIVE interview on the DJ Clue radio show yesterday afternoon. DJ Self, who is also on Love And Hip Hop, was also in the room for the interview.

After Nicki Minaj left, DJ Self went on the radio and started SHADING Nicki. He said live on the radio, “Cardi B still got the best female Rap Album”.

Now the man is entitled to his opinions and feelings, but you cannot tell me this was not a calculated shady move.

According to HotNewHipHop, "Apparently, DJ Self was talking shit about Cardi B to Nicki Minaj, hoping that would make Nicki fuck with him, but instead his plan backfired. And when Nicki left the station, Self reneged on what he told Nicki and then started dissing Nicki, saying Cardi had the best female album of the year. Nicki then jumped on Twitter & went off on Self, saying he was pissed she wouldn't do a drop or give him a hug, before going on to call Self a “bitter hoe”, who’s VH1 show sucks dick."

And Nicki went on the attack, blasting him:


Then Self responded:


And Nicki9 hit him with the FINISHING MOVE: