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Nicki Minaj hopped on Instagram to show off a new hot pink Fendi tracksuit featuring a zip-up jacket and tight leggings, and a Fendi-printed wig - but fans are accusing her of biting Lil Kim's style once again.

"All I’ll say is dreams really do come true. 🙏🏾😢🤫 #FendiPrintsOn #ThatIsAFendiFakk coming soon 🦄" she captioned the video, alluding to an upcoming collaboration with her favorite fashion brand.

Nicki also had on a fluffy pink cap with the "F" emblazoned across the front. Although the outfit is undoubtedly cute (and will most likely sell like hotcakes) fans are annoyed that once again - Nicki appears to be mirroring legendary rapper, Lil Kim and passing herself off as the originator.

"Didn’t little Kim have a wig with a G on it way back when ??? I think yes . #js" a fan wrote.

Another follower commented, "Kim clone" on the post. Twitter also had a lot to say:


Did Nicki bite or honor Kim's style?