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Nicki Minaj 'EXPOSED' As THOT . . . Allegedly Slept With Future And His HOMIE!! (Crew Love?)

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Nicki Minaj is being exposed, by her former friend/associate Katt Stacks. Katt is spilling tea about Nicki - that she claims she got from Futre's road manager.

MTO News told you guys that Nicki Minaj and Future "dated" shortly aftre she broke up with Nas and Meek. Well now Katt is claiming that she spoke with Fuure's road manager - and he allegedly SMASHED TOO.

Katt told her audience that Nicki was "banging" Future's road manager and Future. She didn't specify whether the y were all having s*x with each other at the same time - or whether there were BREAKS in between the relationships.

Either way it's NOT a good look to have SMASHED Future and his homie.


Nicki and Future are about to embark on a world tour together starting soon. Reports say Nicki is going to see who her true diehard fans are. The hip-hop diva has announced plans to dedicate a portion of her upcoming Nicki Hndrxx tour to performing some of her throwback days hits. 

The buzz around Nicki Minaj, 35, and Future’s alleged romance is NOT going away. In fact, now more than ever fans are shipping them as a couple after Nicki posted a video of herself opening gifts from Chanel to Instagram on July 2. 

“Thank you. You know the way to a Barbie’s [heart],” she captioned the post, which interestingly stirred fans into a frenzy. While we’re not exactly sure why the gifts point to Future, we wouldn’t mind seeing them together! Plus, they recently announced their joint tour NICKIHNDRXX that’s set to kick off in September. So, they will be spending a lot of time together.