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Nicki Minaj trended all day Saturday when she pulled up for a new episode of #QueenRadio to debut new music from her upcoming fifth album.

She unveiled “Barbie Drip” and “Barbie Goin Bad,” during the episode and spit over Gunna and Lil Baby’s “Drip Too Hard,” while she also flips Meek Mill and Drake’s “Going Bad.”

At the end of "Barbie Goin Bad," she says the following:

“The label hit me said they want the fifth thing-thing. I got in the studio, I did the fifth thing-thing. And then they say, you know, it’s time to drop your single. I said no! You know radio already tried to blackball a b*tch.”

She also promoted her upcoming tour and had the man of the moment, Soulja Boy, on the show as a guest. Nicki was quick to point out that if she went on a tirade the way that he did, she would be blackballed:

"I want to say that if I was to go on a radio station and say the things you said, I would be labeled as angry. If I said b*tches copied my formula… artists are no longer themselves. I remember artists were so carefree and fun and they’d leave comments, and now everyone is politically correct. They just want to make sure they’re not getting dissed on the blogs. Thank you for saying what you want to say. It’s never time for a Black woman to say what she feel. That goes to back in the day. You’re a likable guy. You always have been."

Some listeners felt that Nicki's radio show always takes a negative turn and wish she would just focus on the music:

In case you missed the show, listen to her new tracks below: