Nicki Minaj dropped her first ever direct diss track against Cardi B yesterday. The track came in the form of a verse on Future's new song Transformer.

The lyrics were the first direct shot that Nicki Minaj has ever taken against Cardi B, in music. And so far the reviews on Nicki's first diss track against Cardi are not good.

While many like the lyrics - a lot of her Barbs think Nicki should have gone a lot HARDER at Cardi.

Here are the lyrics. We highlighted below that parts where Nicki is addressing Cardi B.

What the f*ck, I'm a have to pump brakes on these hoes

Real shooters, I don't ever pump fake on these hoes

Me-me-me and Pluto pull up in that new Ferrari drip

Always eatin' Japanese so I'm a need wasabi dip

Four-four four albums in, pull a milli' for a show

While these b*tches is servin' Milli Vanilli on the low

Spent my money on some dope, where my money envelope?

Transform into a Billy 'cause I really am the goat (Really am the goat)

Transformer, I just popped a transformer

Master bathroom, two jacuzzis and a sauna

They ain't warn her

Now she out here facin' karma

Had a chance, but got at me now she's a goner

Where my bad bitches? F*ck these n*ggas give them trauma

Coulda fixed his life but now that n*gga need Iyanla

All his friends tryna kill it, eat it J.A. Dahmer

N*ggas snakes but, stupid, I'm the snake charmer

This a different tax bracket, upper echelon

I'm still the bad guy, I am a Decepticon

Some call me Nicki but some call me Megatron

I'm stoppin' bags and I don't need a red octagon