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Nicki Minaj was on a roll on Monday and dragged her guest Joe Budden who was brave enough to step into the Queen Radio studio.

Budden accused Nicki of hopping on Megan Thee Stallion's "Hot Girl Summer" as a marketing ploy and that it was all planned in advance and not impromptu as the pair had led folks to believe.

The two also discussed the "Motorsport" incident which featured both Nicki and Cardi B, and even Joe's allegations that Nicki has used drugs.

"Your entire last album did that. Your past is littered with it. Who gives a f*ck what she pop? But don't sit here and act like you've never popped a pill," Budden said.

"Are you that f*cking dumb?" she fired back at Budden. "You like tearing down women when they can't defend themselves."

Nicki also went in on DJ Akademiks and Charlamagne Tha God. Listen to the snippet above.