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Nicki Minaj Dodges CONTROVERSY About Her Album . . . By Looking GORGEOUS!!


Nicki Minaj is locked in the midst of controversy surrounding her new album. But Nicki seems to be holding up well under the pressure. Yesterday news broke that Nicki's new album is expected to underperform. The early estimates say she will sell somewhere between 100-150K copes, about HALF what rival Cards B is doing.

And today, MTO News broke the story that her BIGGEST single off the album Barbie Dreams appears to have been stolen from another female rapper. Nicki hasn't;t commented on that controversy yet.

But what Nicki HAS done, is look GORGEOUS. Check her out arriving for one of her press opportunities in New York yesterday.


According to reports, After explaining the influences behind the cover art of her new album, Queen, Minaj jumped at the opportunity to write late night host Stephen Colbert into the Biggie-inspired diss track.

“One of your songs, ‘Barbie Dreams,’ is getting a lot of attention,” Colbert said. “This one is getting a lot of attention for some of the famous men you call out in it. And you, in no uncertain terms, describe reasons why these men would not be able to, as the kids say, get with you…But I noticed I’m not on the list of men…If I were to make the list, how might you inform me?”

However, after Minaj threw down her profane-laden freestyle, all Colbert could do was put his head down on The Late Show desk and blush as the audience erupted in cheers.