Nicki Minaj is denying any copyright infringement after being sued by Tracy Chapman after she sampled Trapman's song "Baby Can I Hold You" without permission.

Nicki collaborated with her ex, Nas on the track - and had publicly tweeted Chapman, asking for permission to use the sample.

“Tracy Chapman, can you please hit me,” Nicki tweeted. 

"Y’all gon get mad tea on that song too,” Nicki tweeted to fans. “I’m high key lookin out for y’all chile. It’s sum GOODT TEA TOO. I’d be willing to sacrifice one more week for this tea! But I haven’t decided. Ugh. Love you ”

Chapman denied her permission but Nicki went ahead and "leaked" the track to Funkmaster Flex and it made its way to the internet.

But according to docs obtained by The Blast, Nicki denies committing copyright infringement and argues that her interpolation is protected by the doctrine of fair use. 

She is also claiming that Chapman “has not properly registered her claim to the copyright in the Composition [“Baby Can I Hold You”],” which would mean that Chapman “is not the owner of the copyright in issue and therefore lacks standing to bring the claims alleged in the Complaint.”