Nicki Minaj caught Cardi B stealing her lyrics and is now demanding that Cardi B give her a writing credit - on her latest album. The shocking new allegation is coming directly from Nicki Minaj and her management.

MTO News confirmed that Nicki Minaj's people reached out to Cardi and demanded that she be given a writing credit on Cardi's song Money Bag. Cardi is being accused of "stealing" a verse from Nicki's 2008 hit song Womp Womp.

Here are Cardi's lyrics, compared to Nicki's:


A person close to Nicki told us, "Cardi B is a complete fraud, she stole Nicki's bars on Money Bag." The insider explained, "Her ghost writer was probably out sick the day she recorded Money Bag, so Cardi stole Nicki's lyrics."

And MTO News' insider claims that Nicki Minaj's people want CREDIT on Cardi's album - or else they may take legal action.

The insider told MTO News, "She's going to give Nicki credit, or she's gonna have to give her a bag."

Currently, here is the list of people credited with writing the song Money Bag:


And here is the comparison between the two songs: