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Nicki Minaj and her longtime boyfriend Kenneth Petty are expecting a baby together, according to a new Tweet by Nicki. Nicki all but confirmed the growing speculation about her pregnancy, by posting a revealing message on Twitter yesterday.

Nicki appeared on a skit on the Jimmy Fallon show last night, and she looked very pregnant. So pregnant that all of her fan sites are convinced that she's carrying a child. Here's a video from the appearance:

In the same show, Nicki participated in a skit, where the 36 year old female rapper ate a meal at Red Lobster with Jimmy. During their meal, Nicki drank from a lobsterita cocktail glass.

On the show, the Grammy nominee could be seen drinking what appeared to be a cocktail and showing the host, 44, how to crack crab legs at Red Lobster, where she worked before she was famous. After she clarified that there wasn’t alcohol in her beverage, fans asked the “Good Form” rapper if she is expecting.

But Nicki wanted to make clear to her fans, that there was no alcohol in the drink. Here's what she posted:

Nicki never had a problem drinking alcohol in the past.

Nicki Minaj's pregnancy rumors started in February, and they were kicked off by Nicki herself during a taping of her Queen Radio show. Nicki told fans - in what seemed like a quasi-joking manner - that she and boyfriend Kenny Petty were expecting a baby.

"I'm pregnant," Nicki told the audience, afterwards she laughed loudly. "They really gon' believe me... my manager's face! He was about to die!"

She later denied the rumors, but neither her fans nor people in the industry believe her.