Nicki Minaj Claims She's 'No Longer Gay' . .. LGBT Groups Blast Her!!


Nicki Minaj was one of the most popular members of the LGBTQ community. Five years ago, the chart-topping rapper "came out" as bisexual.

Well a few days ago, Nicki announced that she's no longer LGBTQ, and is now completely "straight."

She made her announcement on The remix to Doja Cat “Say So” Nicki says “I use to be bi now I’m hetero.” And many on the LGBTQ community are upset with her public change in sexuality.

Many feel that Nicki was just using the LGBTQ community for clout, and now that she's a big star, she's backing away from them. 

Many LGBTQ activists are blasting Nicki on Twitter. They believe that if someone is really part of the LGBTQ family, they should stop supporting "clout chasing frauds", like Nicki and start calling them out! 

Nicki's LGBTQ influence was huge for girls all over the world. A lot of girls were comfortable admitting to being bisexual or that they’re into women because of Nicki Minaj.