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Nicki Minaj and Drake used to be good friends. They made great music together, and had a flirty relationship with one another.

But that's all over now. MTO News has confirmed that Nicki blocked Drake from all of her social media platforms last week.

Some of Nicki's fans picked up on the fact that Nicki had Drake blocked, and they tweeted about it:


So why would Nicki do this?

MTO News reached out to an entertainment insider, who is friendly with both Drake and Nicki. And they suspect that Nicki's husband Kenneth Petty may have asked Nicki to block Drake.

The insider explained, "Drake always flirts with Nicki - I mean always. But now she's a married woman. Maybe her husband asked her to block Drake, to stop any problems."

Kenneth, who is a successful entrepreneur and music executive, is known to be extremely protective of his wife.

He nearly got into a fight with Nicki's ex-boyfriend Meek Mill inside a Beverly Hills clothing store last month.