Nicki Minaj BLOCKED Cardi B . . . After Bardi THREATENED Her!! (Tea + Receipts)

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Cardi B and Nicki Minaj's feud is heating up. MTO News learned that Nicki Minaj has BLOCKED Cardi B - from all social media after Cardi "threatened" her. According to someone close to Nicki, the Queen Of Rap blocked Cardi B a few weeks ago, after Cardi made THREATS to Nicki in her DMs.

Nicki's friend told MTO News, "Cardi likes to talk tough in the DMs. Nicki wasn't afraid or anything. Just didn't want to have that bird [Cardi] in her DMs."

It's not clear what the "threat" made by Cardi was. But we have evidence that Nicki DID block Cardi. And it came from Cardi herself.

Here's Cardi admitting that Nicki Minaj BLOCKED her:


We know what you're thinking. How do we know that she's talking about Nicki? Well one of Cardi's fans looked through Cardi's old tweets - and found one where Cardi re-tweeted something from Nicki. The Tweet that it was linked too was "unavailable" - even though it was never deleted:


It turns out, that's what happens on Twitter when someone BLOCKS you - your re-tweets of them show as "unavailable."