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Nicki Minaj is officially beating rival female rapper Cardi B on the Billboard 100 charts - for the first time since 2017, when Cardi launched her career with her hit single Bodak Yellow.

Since then, Cardi has dominated the Billboard 100s - with hit song after hot song.

But now it looks like Nicki is trying to take her crown back.

The new Billboard 100 charts came out yesterday, and Nicki is beating Cardi. Nicki's song Megatron premiered on the list at number 20.


Cardi has two songs on the Billboard 100, but none of them as high as Nicki's Megatron. Cardi has a solo song called "Press" that is moving up on the list, but is nowhere near the popularity of Nicki'e new single:


Cardi's collaborations with rapper Lil Was X - Rodeo - is doing better. But still it debuted two positions behind Nicki:


So what do you think . . . is this the first step in Nicki taking back her crown???

In the past, Cardi has said:

“I don’t want problems with anybody. I just want to make music and make money,” said Cardi. “I don’t have time to look at other women and what they’re doing. I don’t have to do that whole industry beef, you know? I get it poppin’ with these hands.”

"I just feel like it's really internet made-up," she said during an interview. “I don't really have the time for that. If you not f*cking my man, or if you're not taking my money from me, if you're not stopping my money, then I don't really give a f*ck about you." She added "I spoke to her before, in person. So I always say I don’t want anybody sneak-dissing me. If its something that we can talk it out, then we can talk it out, because it’s not always rah rah this or rah rah that.”