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Nicki Minaj APPEARING On Next Episode Of Black Ink Chicago!!!


Nicki Minaj is joining the realm of artists who are now on reality TV. Nicki got a special wrist tattoo a few months ago, and the cameras from VH1 were there to capture it all.

MTO News learned that this week, Nicki's episode will air - and it's going to be funny. Nicki is known for being a realy TOUGH GAL. But she was screaming like a baby from the pain of her wrist tat. We managed to find the video from when it all happened. Nicki Livestreamed it:

Here are pics of Nicki getting her tattoo:

Reports are saying that Nicki is also considering pushing her album back because she can't get legend Tracy Chapman to clear a sample. Her fans are going crazy because they've been eagerly waiting for Nicki's album ALL summer. 

Minaj took to Twitter on Tuesday night to put out an open call to Tracy Chapman in a series of since-deleted tweets asking her to please get in touch so Minaj could clear a sample of one of Chapman’s songs, or else the album will be delayed again. The only problem is, Chapman isn’t on Twitter, so she’ll probably never see Nicki’s plea, and worse, she rarely licenses her songs.

Nicki also then did a poll asking fans whether or not she should lose the song and keep her August 10 release date, or wait to hear from Chapman and push the album back another week. She further hinted that this mystery song would spill some piping-hot tea and “features one of the greatest rappers of all time.”