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Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Are DATING AGAIN . . . Jay Z Convinced Meek . . . To Take Her BACK!!!


Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill are dating again, MTO News has confirmed. According to two independent sources close to Nicki - she and her ex-boyfriend Meek Mill have been hooking up recently, and are now officially "dating" again.

One of Nicki's close friends told MTO News, under the condition of anonymity, "Yes they are seeing each other. Their breakup was hard and at times ugly. But hey always loved each other."

And according to our insider it was Jay Z, who helped bring the couple back together. The insider continued, "[Jay] has been telling Meek about how important it is to have a strong and successful woman by your side. I think that got to Meek."

So where is their relationship as of now? Our insider explained, "They're taking it slowly. But hey are definitely seeing each other." The insider told MTO News that the couple may even be appearing WITH EACH OTHER at the MTV Awards next week.

Oh, and we have one receipt. Two nights ago, Funkmaster Flex asked Nicki Minaj about whether her and Meek would ever get back together. 

In the interview with Hot 97 FM, the rapper suddenly sported a sly smile when Funk Flex asked her, "Any room for you and Meek to get back together?" She expertly avoided answering, but said they are in a good place now. "He's really tried to be the bigger person and he's come out and said 'I know I didn't really do right' and 'you stood by me' and 'you were good to me'," the Queen artist explained.

Listen to Nicki's response: