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Nicki Minaj And Her MOTHER . . . Are FIGHTING . . . Over Her Brother's RAPE CONVICTION!!!


Nicki Minaj has really been struggling since the end of 2017. She had to deal with being SHETHERED by Remy, having her brother convicted of pedophilia, and then losing her top spot to Cardi B.

And MTO News is hearing that the stress of it all, has Nicki in a BAD PLACE mentally. One person with information explained, "She has gained weight and is not at her best mentally. She is making decisions while stressed."

And one of the BIGGEST problems in Nicki's life is that she's currently AT ODDS with her mother. According to our insider, Nicki's problems with her mother have to do with the case of her brother.

While Nicki originally was shocked and didn’t want to believe her brother was guilty, she had to accept that reality once he was proven guilty. Her mother on the other hand refuses to accept this reality.

She has caused Nicki so much havoc over the past few months and is now planning to sabotage her album release. Nicki's releasing her album on August 17th

Nicki's mom just planned a tell all interview, one week before Nicki's album comes out.