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Nicki and her boyfriend Kenneth Meeks are hinting that they may be expecting a baby together. Last night on Instagram Kenneth, 40, was seen rubbing Nicki, 36, belly and suggesting that she's pregnant.

In the video, Nicki asks Kenneth, 'Why are you rubbing my stomach?'

But she went on. Nicki then asked, "When you're asleep you rub my stomach? That's some weirdo things." she continued. Then the Super Bass rapper asked Kenneth, "You wish there was something inside there?"


Here's the video:

And Nicki has been hinting at a possible pregnancy for weeks now.

Three weeks ago, Nicki told fans that she was pregnant while she was topless and getting fitted for an outfit in another Instagram post. At the time, most suspected that Nicki was joking.

Nicki and Kenneth seem to be very happy together. Nicki was gushing about him on the latest episode of her Beats One show Queen Radio. She told the audience, "If I'm being honest, spiritually, I'm at the best place that I've been in in a long time, because I think who you have in your life determines so much about how you feel spiritually."

She has been posting pics and videos of him for quite a while and fans seem to be getting used to the idea that she’s completely in love with him.

But there are still other people that don’t like him and they believe that he’s only dating Nicki for money.

Someone said ‘I like this happy Nicki, i know she can get a better man but she likes him’