Nicki Minaj And Amber Rose Are FLIRTING . . . Amber's On Social Media . . . SHOOTING HER SHOT!!!

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Amber Rose is looking for a new celebrity lover - and she may have just found one . . . in Nicki Minaj.

It all started last night, when Amber posted a pic of Nicki on Snap with the comment 'f*** me'.In the pic, Nicki was wearing showing off her crazy curves walking down the street in a leather leotard

Well Nicki responded. The platinum selling rapper re-posted Amber's original post on her Instagram story, the 'Monster' rapper wrote ''Amber stop frontin', just seen you at Coachella. Ya ain't have this energy. Knock it off".

Nicki has had a girl crush on Amber for a long time Remember Nicki rapped about her in her song 'Monster'. She said in the song - when talking to Kanye - ''I think me, you, and Am should mènage Friday.''

Amber then re-re posted the picture telling Nicki to hit her jack. She's really shooting her shot . . .