Nicki Minaj announced yesterday that she's releasing new music -  called Megatron on June 21st. But she didn't offer any other specifics about the music, other than the name.

Well, MTO News spoke with a Los Angeles producer who told us that Nicki is working on a new album. And one of the songs on the album will be a collaboration between Nicki and the hot new artist Megan Thee Stallion.

Megan has been firing subliminal shots at Cardi B - Nicki's main rival - for months. And Cardi's been returning fire also.

So it makes sense that Nicki and Megan would team up on a track. But it's not just any old track. It could be viewed by the public, as a Cardi B diss track.

The producer told MTO News, "They have a track together. It's good. And some of the lyrics can be read as shots at Cardi."

Here's a video of Megan taken a few months ago, where she talks about how she wants to work with Nicki: