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Nicki DUMPED Meek . . . It's OFFICIAL!! She's Out Dining With Jay And Bey . . . While MEEK Is CRYING On Instagram About It!!!

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Nicki Minaj was in New York this weekend - hanging with fellow artists/investors in Tidal. She had a dinner with T.I., Jay Z and Beyonce. Noticeably MISSING from the dinner was Nicki's alleged boyfriend Meek Mill.

You see, Meek is also Tidal affiliated, so he SHOULD have been at the dinner.

But instead Meek was on Instagram talking about some girl CHEATING ON HIM . . .

The Nicki and Meek breakup news started back in August 2016. The reason? Their changing lives. Nicki has refined herself, starring in movies, attending couture fashion shows, building her brands. Meek still likes hanging out in the hood, causing rapper beef and breaking his parole. They are no longer on the same page.