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Nick Jonas is trending after a fan groped the singer on stage - and the incident was caught on camera.

Nick Jonas was performing at The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles last week, but the performance was not enough for one fan who decided to take things a lot further than she should have.

The overzealous fan can be seen running their hand up and down Jonas' leg while he performs "Only Human." A security guard was trying to get the fan to stop before Nick was forced to turn around and tell her to stop himself after she appeared to slide her hand up too far.

And the Jonas fans are offended:

"This is ridiculous no matter how he dresses or how close he is to you he’s has a right to his personal space!! I was at their concert they are so good about interacting with the fans, but nothing gives anyone the right to grab them😡🤯" one fan wrote.

Nick has not yet addressed the incident.