Nick Cannon has slammed Astroworld rapper Travis Scott's relationship with his baby mama, Kylie Jenner.

During his appearance on Raquel Harper's BET show Raq Rants, Nick was very vocal about his feelings on Scott's scheduled Super Bowl appearance and his relationship with Kylie.

“I'm team [Colin] Kaepernick all day...To me, I call it cultural equity,” he said and was annoyed that Scoot has decided to go head with the halftime performance.

“So we're not mad at Big Boi for being on the Super Bowl — he's for the people. But someone like Travis Scott, he's got to walk gingerly [...] It's more about truly having integrity to who you are in your music, your art form, the people you choose to interact with, the people you choose to procreate with,” he added.

“That decision wasn't for the culture. But we're not mad at you!”

Raq was quick t point out that he too, had dated white women in the past. But in Nick's mind, it's not the same thing:

 “I love white women, let's set the record straight. But that's the thing, it's cultural equity at the end of the day.”

Scott is reportedly upset about Nick's words about Kylie. Sources reportedly told TMZ: "Nick should get in line behind everyone else that is having beef with Travis... Travis doesn’t care what Nick has to say about him. He does care that he talked about Kylie. That wasn’t cool."