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Nick Cannon has previously revealed that he once traveled to Detroit to track down Eminem for throwing jabs at his then-wife Mariah Carey, but during a recent sitdown with DJ Vlad, Cannon recounted the story once again.

"I went to Detroit. He don't live in Detroit. He don't live nowhere near Seven or Eight Mile. He lives in Michigan," he explained.

According to Cannon, he, his wife, and 50 Cent all shared the same manager at the time, Chris Lighty, who stepped in.

"I was there to defend my wife," Cannon continued. "You said some disrespectful sh*t about my wife, and I'm going to beat your ass." 

He continued, "Em was supposed to do that boxing movie that Jake Gyllenhaal did. I was at a fight one time...and Emanuel was like: 'Yo, he ready for you.' I was like: 'Set it up, E.' ... Real talk, I was like- 'I want to match whatever energy he's on.' ... I feel like people can say whatever they want to say in life, but you have to be able to deal with the consequences that come with your mouth.

"I was expecting some of the same things with [Eminem]," Cannon said, also adding that Em issue both he and Mariah with an apology.

And his reason for going so hard at Em?

"There's a mentality... it goes all the way back to when the slave codes were established—that there were practices that the slave master, the oppressor, would rape a black woman and make her husband stand there and watch. And he couldn't do anything about it," Cannon said. "And I'm supposed to stand here in 2008, 2009 and let this white man disrespect my wife? A woman of color...and I'm not supposed to do nothing? Would you let that go if that was your wife?"