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Nick Cannon posted a hilarious post via his Instagram page, rocking Soulja Boy's worn out Gucci headband.

"Hottest Mogul in the Game!!! Draco Cannon!!! @souljaboy and the famous Soulja Gucci Headband!! 🤣 #MTVWHIPS" he wrote in the selfie alongside Soulja Boy who appeared to be rocking one of Cannon's turbans.

"Joint baggy AF on your lil peanut 🥜 😩😭😭😭," one follower wrote.

"Big Draco put Nick on 🤣🤣🤣," another typed.

While somebody else wrote what most of us were thinking, "Too funny. That damn dirty ass Gucci head band.."

Soulja Boy has been riding high since his recent videos and tweets have gone viral. Over the past week or so, he's claimed to have made Drake's career, the Migos, Youtube and DJ Akademiks (to mention just a few,) but he appears to have the Nick Cannon stamp of approval.

One person who reportedly does not have the Cannon co-sign is Travis Scott.

Speaking to Raquel Harper on her show, Raq Rants, she had the following to say:

"I'm team Kaepernick all day. I call it cultural equity. We not mad at Big Boi... he's for the people. But someone like a Travis Scott, he gotta walk more gingerly. It's more about truly having integrity. To who you are in your music, and your art form. The people you choose to interact with. The people you choose to procreate with... That decision wasn't for the culture." The sly remark makes Raq call Cannon out for dating Caucasian women as well, to which he ecstatically admits that he means no harm and that he loves White women," he said in the clip.

His interview will air on "Raq Rants" Tuesday night at 11 PM on BET.