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Nick Cannon was recently a trending topic after former Disney star, Orlando Brown, said he performed oral sex on him while wearing a dress - Cannon denies the claims but says that it was karma because he accused Eminem of also performing fellatio on a man.

"That's karma like a muthaf*cka too, though because if you think about it … First of all, there is that rumor out there that he's very promiscuous with his sexuality, possibly," he told DJ Vlad. 

"I've heard that just from … out there. I make jokes about that. Like once you get successful, you're automatically gay. That's what they believe. Karma like a muthaf*cka! I had no substantial evidence -- really the rhyme scheme is what I thought was dope -- it was some wordplay sh*t. Really saying, be careful with the circle that you got around you is really what I was getting at," he continued.

"Some people were saying I was being homophobic. I was like, 'I'm not scared of him sucking d*ck. There's nothing scary about it if that's what you like.' I was like, 'Bring all your boyfriends to show. Come to the show muthaf*cka.' So Orlando Brown comes out with just as ridiculous accusations toward me. I was like, 'Oh man, karma is a muthaf*cka!' Shouts out to that. I actually think Em handled that pretty well. He handled that with a sense of humor, said I was making his gardener jealous, called me a 'bougie' [f*ck].'"

Peep the clip below.