Nick Cannon sat down with DJ Vlad where he was asked his opinion on Lori Harvey dating music mogul, Diddy.

"She's what? Twenty-three? [...] And he's 49. Twenty-two, and 49. Aw, man!" Cannon replies.

Vlad let Cannon know that Lori is actually 22. Not 23.

"I don't have a problem with that, but I would heartbroken if that was my own daughter...To each his own. But I would feel like I failed as a father if I'm sitting across the table with a dude the same age as me that's dating my daughter. I would feel like I failed."

Vlad added that he thinks that Lori is with Diddy because of the coins. "I can't speak on what that man got goin'," Cannon said, but it's clear that he thinks the age gap is an issue.

Is Vlad right? Is Lori only with Diddy because he's rich, or would her father allow her to date a 49-year-old truck driver?