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Nick Cannon: Monogamy Is Not In A Man's DNA

Nick Cannon sat down for a chat with reality star Evelyn Lozada, and during the candid chat about relationships -- Cannon told her that men don't believe in monogamy because they don't feel it's in their DNA.

"I love structure. I love being with one person, and unfortunately, it hasn't worked out because that person didn't love being with one person," she told the radio host.

Cannon responded, "Men don't subscribe to monogamy because they feel like its not natural in their DNA. It's that hunting mentality, but it's also like 'yo if we suppose to be fruitful and multiply…. there's not many creatures on earth that are monogamous."

Evelyn has not been publicly in a relationship since her breakup from 1501 Certified Entertainment founder, Carl Crawford.

Earlier this week, she hopped online to defend Crawford after he was arrested for domestic violence.

 "I have to protect my son. Carl has never put his hands on me. Carl has never intimidated me. Carl has never called me bitches or hoes or ever stood over me trying to intimidate me," she said at the time.