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Nick Cannon Is Dating A PAIR OF TWINS . . .Each One  . . Tatted His Face On Their BODY!!


TV personality/actor Nick Cannon may have just pulled off the biggest PIMP MOVE in history. MTO News learned that Nick is reportedly dating two women - a pair of twins.

According to one of Nicki's homies - Nick has been dating the Kelly Twins - Britt and Brandy. The twins met Nick while appearing on his popular MTV show Wild N' Out.

And according to our insider, the relationship is SERIOUS, with all three of them How serous? Well MTO News officially confirmed that BOTH woman has a tat of Nick cannon on their body.

Brit has the tat on her thigh:


And Brandy has it on her arm:


And the Kelly twins are definitely winners (looks-wise at least). Here are some pics of them:

Here is a graphic pic of them


And here are some more pics of the ladies: