Nick Cannon has been taking no prisoners, and last night talk show hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon are the lastest to be called out by Cannon - for wearing Blackface.

In a post on Instagram, Cannon wrote:

“Are these your Kings of Late Night??? @JimmyFallon @JimmyKimmel you know I’m always on the side of the comedian and never pander to the sensitive, but I feel there needs to be some ‘truth & reconciliation’ discussions and teachable moments amongst our communities."

He then continued:

 “I’m ready and willing for the discourse, so who wants to step up to the table first? In the meantime, I’ll just leave this right here. Tell the Jimmys to holla at me.”

And he has a point. A white person exposed for wearing blackface usually faces the full wrath of social media and usually resulting in somebody getting fired. Several high profile politicians have made headlines for doing exactly the same thing - decades ago. 

Why is there no boycott energy for Kimmel and Fallon?