NFL Star Von Miller Recalls 'Frightening' Covid-19 Battle

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Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller has opened up about his battle with the deadly coronavirus -- he says the experience was "frightening."

"I started to get a cough, but I rarely ever get sick, so I really didn't think about it being the coronavirus. I thought I just had a cold," Miller told The Washington Post. "I was still coughing when I was making my protein shake, and my assistant told me: 'Why don't you just go get tested? The Broncos, they got free tests; it's right down the street.' Two days later they tell me I had the coronavirus."

Miller has asthma, which means that he is more likely to suffer from complications related to the virus.

"I got asthma, but it was past the asthma attack — like my lungs were constricting," Von recalled. "My asthma nebulizer helped, but it still didn't feel like it was supposed to. That was the most frightening part. Just going to sleep knowing that my oxygen level could drop and I could wake up and have to go to the hospital."

He said it crossed his mind that he could die from the virus, but he is fortunately now fully recovered.