NFL star Tyreek Hill is heading to court to fight his baby mama for shared custody of their three-year old son.

Earlier this year, police declined to file charges against him after investigating both him and his ex-Crystal Espinal for possible abuse and neglect of the child, but are still investigating him for claims of battery against a juvenile after the ex-Crystal accused him of breaking their son's arm. 

The child was temporarily removed from both parents during the investigation.

At this time though, police are not able to determine which of them caused the injury to the child.

Now Tyreek, the Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver, is asking the court for shared custody of the child. He filed court documents stating that though Crystal was awarded custody back in 2018 , he traveled at least eight times to Arizona to visit the child and develop a relationship with him as per TMZ.

He also claims that Crystal has been preventing him from seeing his son and from having a relationship with the child. He now wants joint custody and wants to be more active in his son's life.