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Tyreek Hill has spoken out following allegations that he punched his toddler son in the chest.

"Punching my son in the chest that would probably refer to me teaching my son how to box. We do have boxing gloves at our house and our son he likes Iron-Man. So he loves Iron Man and Aquaman, and he's like, 'Daddy, daddy come on' all the time. So, that's what it is," he claimed.

Hill made headlines earlier this year when his ex-girlfriend, Crystal Espinal, accused him of abusing their 3-year-old. She is heard telling Hill that their son is terrified of him.

Local authorities were forced to open a child abuse investigation into both Espinal and Hill after their son broke his arm. They deduced that a crime had taken place, but later revealed that they would not be pressing charges against Hill. There were reports at the time that authorities were unsure as to which parent committed the crime.

"Sometimes things get thrown out of context when feelings get involved and emotions," Hill told the press. "But, I'm not going to get into all of that right now.