MTO News has done some digging into NFL star Patrick Mahomes background. And it appears that the biracial star Quarterback has some controversial political positions.

For one, Patrick believes that George Zimmerman - the racist alleged psychopath who admitted to gunning down 16-year-old Black boy Trayvon Martin - is not guilty. 

According to Patrick - he supports George's "not guilty" verdict. The jury in the trial ignored mountains of evidence - including George's past racist behavior, and his multiple previous threats where he threatened to murder someone and then lie to police - saying it was self-defense.

But Patrick believes that despite all the evidence, George Zimmerman should be a free man.

We looked at some tweets that he sent out, at the time of the trial - and Pat seems to support Zimmerman's not guilty verdict. Look:


Patrick has not openly discussed whether he's affiliated with Democratic or Republican politicians. But one thing that he's made sure to point out - is that he unequivocally supports the police.

Last year, as part of National Police Week, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, along with Kansas City backup QBs Chad Henne and Chase Litton, visited the Kansas City Regional Police Academy on Tuesday, Mahomes saying that it is good to support police “because they support us in every single way.”

“The things that the police does[sic] for our community on a day-to-day basis and don’t get recognized for it, I mean, it’s good to come out and support them because they support us in every single way,” Patrick Mahomes said, as reported by The Kansas City Star.

MTO News reached out to representatives for Pat and his team the Kansas City Chiefs. And so far we haven't received a comment.