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NFL Star Odell Beckham CAUGHT SLIPPING . . . In Hotel With THOT . . . WEED . . . And COCAINE!! (Shock Video)


NFL star Odell Beckham may be in a lot of trouble with the NFL.
A new video shows him in a hotel room with a thot. He appears to have a BLUNT in his hand .. . and the thot has some COCAINE-TYPE powder in front of her.

Odell can be heard asking the thot to “sleep with someone else.”

From the video, it’s not possible to tell whether or not he indulged in the white powder himself. And he could have been turning down her offer of sex and trying to sic her on somebody else instead, but it doesn’t look good.

The timing of the video is suspect. Beckham is currently seeking a long-term contract extension, possibly in the $100 million range. If he’s caught taking drugs, he will blow any chance of the deal.

This isn’t the first time Beckham has been caught partying. Back in 2017 before his first career playoff game in January 2017, he and other members of Big Blue’s receiving corps stayed out all night clubbing where marijuana and Adderall were reportedly passed around.

The Giants wide receiver hit Twitter to express his feelings on all of the rumors floating around:

“Old news still makes a good story….I guess. #CatchUpWereIn18’”

Hopefully, this is all fake news. We’d hate to see his fledgling career ended so soon.