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NFL Star Odell Beckham CAUGHT LACKING . . . Insta-THOT Livestreams Video . . . Of Him SLEEPING!!!


NFL superstar Odell Beckham is the latest celebrity CAUGHT LACKING by an insta-thot.

The New York Giants wide receiver as spotted with the same THOTTIE, Polyxeni Ferfeli – on a Mexican beach a few months ago.

They’ve been seeing each other since April and possibly longer …

The pair seems to be getting serious. After they began dating, they were spotted at Six Flags Magic Mountain holding hands, and he even won her a giant stuffed toy! She’s no airhead either. Polyxeni attended the Regents Business School in London where she graduated with a degree in Global Business Management and Finance.

Last week, Odell Beckham Jr. attended the wedding of New York Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard who got hitched to his stunning supermodel girlfriend Chanel Iman, in a Los Angeles ceremony. Odell was a groomsman.

We know that he is very particular about who he has around him.

“I’ve made mistakes,” he tells GQ. “Like bringing people to your level who don’t deserve to be there. They’re trying to bite off your so-called fame, make a name off of you. I think I did a lot of that—allowed people to be relevant in my life who really aren’t relevant to me at all.”

Polyxeni caught him while he was sleeping, but we doubt he’ll mind too much. It’s coming up to being almost a year together, and they appear to be exclusive.

Perhaps he’ll be the next one to walk down the aisle?

Take a look at the video footage below.