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NFL Star Mansion Party Robbed By Gunmen; 100 Robbed & 4 Shot! (Graphic Video)

A pool party believed to be thrown by an NFL star was robbed by a gang of masked gunmen, MTO News has learned. Early speculation online is that the player who thre the party was Odell Beckham Jr.

The robbers reportedly robbed 100 people at the event and shot 4 men - who are in a critical condition after being gunned down at the Los Angeles mansion party.

Earlier in the day, it was all fun and games at the party. The news even covered it.

But at night, the party turned into a nightmare. Masked gunmen burst in, and robbed everyone inside. Look:

A terrified partygoer filmed the scene as multiple shots rang out at the plush Beverly Hills mansion and said "a bunch of gangsters came in and robbed everybody and started shooting."


One partygoer, Gabriel Pacheco, shared shocking footage of the moment multiple gunfire could be heard at the party.

He posted his vid on Instagram, claiming that he was at a "big Hollywood Hills mansion party off Mulholland Drive".

Gabrielle told his followers that shots were fired at people when "a lot of big Ballers were gambling lost a lot of money [were] p***ed.

"Then a bunch of gangsters came in and robbed everybody and started shooting everybody."

"A lot of people with money and guns and gangsters... got crazy I ran for my life it was crazy."

CBS LA correspondent Brittney Hopper reported that she was told by a guard that the party was being thrown for an NFL player. That player is believed to be NFL star Odell Beckham Jr.