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NFL Star Laveon Bell On BLAST . . . Has 2 MAIN Chicks Pregnant . . . Plus 2 Side Chicks!!


NFL star Leveon Bell just got exposed for allegedly having two pregnant main chicks, and two side chicks.

Leveon’s girl friend of two years Jourdann took to social media yesterday to tell all of the superstar running back's business.

You see, Jourdan recently broke up with LeVeon - and he's VERY upset with him, so she's talking. And the allegations she's making against the All Pro footblall player are shocking.

You see, Jourdann claims that up until just a few weeks ago, she was pregnant by Leveon, but she lost the baby. Jourdann provided receipts for the pregnancy.

Here are the pics of her allegedly pregnant:


And then she broke up with him, publicly - claiming that he "wasted" the last two years of her life with him:


She claims that his baby mother is pregnant by him right now and that Leveon is he messing with at least two girls

 And Jourdann provided pics of the two side chicks too:


Jourdann also claims that LeVeon continues to blow up her phone and beg for her to come back to him.


This isn't the first time that Leveon has been in hot water with women and pregnancies. Last year he was in the middle of a very BIG mess that also involved a bunch of women. The Pittsburgh Steelers running back was engaged to his fiancee for the past 4 years, but that didn’t stop him from stepping out on his girl multiple times, with many kids involved.

“LeVeon Bell (steelerrb26) is/was engaged to the Mother of his daughter @mercedesdoll. They had been together for 4 years. The two welcomed their baby girl in to the world in January 2017. Living together and all in Pittsburgh. He just had a son by former la rams cheerleader cherise. Cherise flew to Pittsburgh in November while fiancé Mercedes was back home in Cali visiting family and got pregnant in her home and bed. Mercedes was 8 months pregnant at the time. Come to find out he has multiple women. He told one of his side chicks at the time that his fiancé was only at his house to watch the dogs I’ll post the rest in the gossip forum it’s get even juicer. I covered Cherise IG name but you can find it on his fiancé page since she tagged her. I’ll post more on the gossip forum because it gets juicy “