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NFL Star Jalen Jamsey Proves He's NOT GAY . . . By Getting Another NFLer's SISTER Pregnant!!


NFL star Jalen Ramsey has been battling GAY rumors for the past few years. They all started when Jalen gave a very SUSPICIOUS video interview about guarding wide receiver Steve Smith. Here's the interview that got people talking:

One person described the video as so, "Along with the confidence and the blunt storytelling, this man has sass you didn’t think could thrive on an American football field. The eye rolls, the shoulder shrugs, the neck work. It’s those behaviors that make Jalen Ramsey’s brand of trash talk more than just trash talk to people."

Very shortly afterwards, people started calling him "gay" all over social media:


Well Jalen decided to END all the "gay" rumors - by knocking up a woman. And he didn't just knock up ANY OLE GIRL - he knocked up NFL star Golden Tate's sister.

Jalen and his crew are definitely UPSET with all the rumors. We spoke to one of Jalen's close friends and he told us, "If anyone else calls him GAY he may put a seed in their sister too. "

Here are pics of Jalen and his GF Breanna's baby shower. Breanna was a track star at Ole Miss. She and Jalen have been dating now for a couple of years.


Here's a video of Breanna: